Career Connected Learning creates pathways for all youth to prepare for their best possible futures. This approach to learning brings together community partners, industry leaders, parents and educators to engage youth of all backgrounds and provide learning opportunities that connect with their interests, life experience and aspirations for their futures.

We envision a world where students in Oregon have access to the best education and resources, where their creativity and passion are nurtured, and where they have the tools and support they need to succeed. We see students who are confident and capable, who are ready to take on the challenges of the world and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. We hope the CCL Resource Hub serves as a model of innovation for other states looking for ways to better serve their students' diverse needs in an ever-changing economic landscape

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What is Career Connected Learning?

Oregon Department of Education defines Career Connected Learning (CCL) as a framework of career awareness, exploration, preparation and training. Career learning develops over the course of one’s lifetime. To support this process, CCL ensures purposeful instruction and engages diverse communities in building collaborative, community-driven learning. CCL connects the interests, aptitudes, education and goals of every Oregon youth to their future.

How did the work start?

Before starting design, the CCL implementation team sought feedback from dozens of partners across Oregon. They asked questions around the form and function of future CCL design work. Then, they worked to create a strong brand identity and style guide, one that encapsulates the mission and values of CCL.

Meanwhile, CCL design teams in Career and Technical Education, STEM, and other areas, worked to identify, develop and organize high-quality resources that could be used in classrooms throughout the State of Oregon.

Finally, a team of designers, educators and web developers worked to bring the Online CCL Resource Hub, otherwise known as Career Connect Oregon, to fruition. The team built on the mission of its founding contributors to create a dynamic, inclusive, useful and sustainable hub for all to use, free of charge.

What is Career Connect Oregon’s commitment to equity and inclusion?

At Career Connect Oregon (CCO), we are committed to offering rich CCL experiences for all learners regardless of age, language of origin, geography, socioeconomic status, race, gender, sexuality or ability. CCO’s vision is to actively identify and remove any barriers that may prevent students from having access to formative experiences through the use of our online resource hub.

We encourage programs participating in CCL enrichment activities to invite all students to participate, regardless of grades and attendance issues.

Meet the Team


  • Design Team 4 (Spring 2023)

    Shawna Bland, Karla Clark, Heidi Lee Harless, Hal Jones, Nanosh Lucas, Adam Randall. Review and make recommendations for revised CCL Framework Scope and Sequence.

  • Career Connected Learning System Navigators (Fall 2022)

    Annie Claus, Wendi Worthington, Katie Castillo, Tom Brown, Carey Rausch, Dylan McManus, Beth Stiller, Dr. Debra Park, Deron Fort, Katie Dirkswager, Matt Batchelor, Priscilla Lundberg, Julie Toledo, Christina Shepherd, Carey Rausch, Millie Padilla, Chelsea Hansen. CCL Navigators placed at all 17 community colleges in Oregon to help fill the gap of awareness and exploration in CCL, especially for our middle school students.

  • Design Team 3 (Summer 2022)

    Lacy Liberty, Teresa Dowdy, Jim Taylor, Beth Wigham. Materials, tools and resource development.

  • Strategy Guidance Group 2 (Spring 2022)

    Steve Patty, Jim Taylor, Beth Wigham, Karla Clark, Bethany Thramer, Mary Jackson, Cherie Clark, Regine Childs, Angie Gilbert, Myronda Schiding, Nick Schult, Jerry Peacock, Marco Vasquez, Heidi Lee Harless, Jordan Bentz, Kim Cappel, Beth Unverzagt. Continued strategy work outlining how to best roll out Oregon’s collaborative work of CCL.

  • Design Team 2 (Spring 2022)

    Jim Taylor, Beth Wigham, Karla Clark, Steve Patty, Erin Upton, Kim Cappel, Christina Struyk-Bonn, Alison Howell, Liberty Lacy, Brandon Southward, Megan Babat, Cherie Clark, Meredith Payton, Alesia Valdez, Frosti Adams, Regine Childs, Raquel Laiz, Tammy Ahalt, Heidi Lee Harless, Jordan Bentz, Catherine Barber, Aleita Herrera-Train, Angie Gilbert, Michail Stead, Janine Weir, Lisa Klingsporn, Gwen Soderberg-Chase, Miranda Ryan, Stacy Carle, Michelle Prudden, Bethany Thramer, Shalee Hodgson, Kate Saldana. Developed plans, materials and tools to be considered for the CCL Resource Hub.

  • Strategy Guidance Group 1 (Winter 2021)

    Jim Taylor, Beth Wigham, Karla Clark, Megan Helzerman, Beth Molenkamp, Mary Dakin, Regine Childs, Brook Rich, Jerry Peacock, Mary Jackson, Brian Robin, Steve Patty, Erin Upton. Strategized how to best roll out a statewide initiative for CCL in Oregon.

  • Design Team 1 (Fall 2021)

    Jim Taylor, Beth Wigham, Karla Clark, Steve Patty, Erin Upton, Meredith Payton, Jori Journigan, Anita Stark, Regine Childs, Dave Dallas, Brandon Southward, Amy Henry, Angie Gilbert, Raquel Laiz, Alesia Valdez, Ben DeCarlow, Tammy Ahalt, Gwen Soderberg-Chase, Heidi Lee Harless, Liberty Lacy, Cherie Clark, Juli Ann Lindemann, Alesia Valdez. Provided insight and feedback regarding initial research provided by DIA and made recommendations to the state for next steps to include recommendation of a statewide CCL Resource Hub and CCL Navigators who would help fill the gaps of CCL in every region.

  • Dialogues in Action (Spring 2021)

    Steve Patty, Erin Upton. Provided initial research of CCL in Oregon and nationwide.

Brand Creation

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